Cylindrical implants with internal hexagon connection


Cylindrical implant system with internal hexagon connection is indicated in all the bone classes and offers a wide range of fixtures to satisfy the most diverse needs for implant prosthetic and aesthetic rehabilitation. These implants have a cylindrical shape with dense threads and an apex that progresses into a conical shape that has three deep decompression incisions that serve as outlets for bone chips and, at the same time, they improve non-rotation of the implant during the operations of screwing and unscrewing of prosthetic components in the second surgical stage. It is recommended, especially in cases of compact bones D1 and D2, to tap the bone.
In order to avoid stressing the connection implant-mounter it is suggested to use PI connector.


Dimension of the connection

h = length
Ø1 = max coronal diameter
Ø2 = max thread diameter
Ø3 = apical diameter