Prosthetic components

Prosthetic components ISOMED implant systems are designed and manufactured by the highest standards and in accordance with our long-standing practice and research. Each component is manufactured from top quality materials such as titanium, Stainless steel (eg analogues), a special type of plastic used in some cases and gold and gold alloys.

It is significant to note that for all our implants in the segment (or range) PLATFORM NORMAL envisaged same prosthetic componentistics which means that we had managed to significantly simplify the prosthetic phase of implant surgery without having to assure highest and best performance of any part of our products, which is one of us for a reason and expected.

Besides PLATFORM NORMAL prot. components that are appropriate for the majority of our implants, in certain large-diameter implants are used prosthetic components from the scope LARGE PLATFORM for the thinnest two-part implant, we PLATFORM SMALL prosthetic componentistics.